5×5 back squats 

5 rounds for time 

3 Power Cleans 

6 Push ups

9 Air Squats 

Ever wonder what to eat after you workout?

You just put in an hours worth of hard work at the gym but don’t stop just yet. Make sure you refuel your body properly to get the most bang for your buck!  You want a snack that is balanced in protein, carbohydrates and fat to make sure your body can restore the glycogen and being rebuilding muscle. Here are a couple of our favorite post-workout snacks.

1. Chocolate Milk – low fat chocolate milk has a great balance of nutrients needed to recover properly. 

2. 100% Juice and an egg – Try to pick a juice without lots of added sugar and that egg provides your body with protein. 

3. Yogurt – Not only does yogurt have good carbs, protein and fat but it contains calcium and probiotics that are helpful to fight infections. 

4. Fruit and peanut butter – two table spoons of peanut butter on fresh fruit provides your body with protein, nutrients and healthy carbs. 

5. Hummus and pita – a great combination of proteins and carbs. 

Of course there are plenty of other healthy options as well. Remember to drink lots of water to help your body perform at its best. 


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