Word of advice

With the New Year many folks will be trying to prioritize their health and wellness.  Let me give you some friendly advice on your new journey.

  •    Supplements and starving yourself are not sustainable 
  • To be successful long term your health requires lifestyle changes not short term fixes. 
  • Diets that you cannot maintain as a way of life will only cause your weight to yo-yo which can be worse for you than just being over weight 
  • Everyone should lift weights 
  • Limit cheats to one meal not days of all out binging 
  • Be active on your days not at the gym 
  • Enjoy the process 
  • Sleep- if your training hard your body has to recover
  • Challenge yourself find things to do to get out of your comfort zone it will only help you grow as a person. 
  • Track everything (sleep, food, workouts )
  • Do not be afraid to compete 
  • Quit putting others health before your own 
  • HAVE FUN!!!!

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