Competing against yourself 

It’s so easy to sign up for a competition when you know you have plenty of time to prepare for it. You see the workouts posted and know what you need to work on. You train your regular daily wods and the days and weeks pass on by. Then the week of the competition rolls around and you begin having self-doubt, you wonder where the time went and you know there were things you should’ve dedicated more time to. You know your strengths yet the only thing you begin to think about are your weaknesses. Well don’t.You have to remember the only person you’re competing with is yourself and this is what you have trained for. Sure there are ten’s, twenties, or hundreds of people out there your battling it out with but the only person you can actually get out and control the results of is yourself. It’s time to get out there and give it all or nothing; you can rest when time runs out. Because when you go home that night, as you lay in bed, that’s when you get to reflect and make sure you don’t give yourself the chance to say that you could have worked harder. This time is what you have trained for, what the community has pushed you for, and the time you get to finally test your accomplishments and growth. The time is now.

That feeling of absolute fatigue, you push your body to its limits and you feel you can’t do it anymore; you just want to quit and lay on the ground. You look at the clock and you only have 1.30 left to work, that’s 90 seconds of pure discipline. That’s the thing about CrossFit a lot of the workouts are short and vicious; nothing but pure grind. This is where you have to remember mind over matter, and that’s easy to forget when you’re out there on those black mats mid-wod, just don’t stop. 

There will never be a period in an athlete’s career where they will be their absolute best or be “good enough”. Why? Because there is no starting line or ending line to greatness; there is always room to grow; and believe it or not, there will always be weaknesses, always. This is only the beginning to a new start in your fitness journey, as strength comes only with dedication and time.

Wishing a good luck to all the athletes and especially our members at CrossFit Strode Station as they go on to compete this weekend at Rich City’s Festivus Games. This is the first competition for many and some only another assessment. Good luck and have fun! We are proud of everyone.  


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