“The fun is in the community”-Greg Glassman




This is what sets CrossFit apart from other Strength & Conditioning programs. From the day we opened, we knew building a positive environment was paramount.  

When you walk through the doors of our facility. Our goal is to make it the best hour of your day! There is no judgement, we all come from different walks of life and find common ground through fitness. Not only fitness but a desire to be better, to be a better version of ourselves, a better parent, husband, athlete, we find common ground through fitness 

In that fitness, we step outside of our comfort zone. We push our bodies, we try new things, we laugh, sweat and sometimes bleed together. We hold each other accountable and call each other on our own bullshit. We cheer each other on. Everyone shares in the joys of each others success. We respect hard work and push each other towards our goals.   

The gym parallels life. When you work hard in the gym, the results will follow. Hard work becomes the norm and the carryover seeps into all other aspects of your life.  

It starts in the gym , it goes to your work, to your family, and to the community. We believe our little gym can create a ripple of positive change.  
That’s why we’re different. That’s why we preach community.  

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