Are you a fit shamer??

Attention to all you fit-shamer’s out there.  
You know who you are. The ones who give your co-workers a hard time because they do not want donuts everyday. Or choose not to grab the pizza buffet with you for lunch twice a week.  

Or how about, why do you have to post every time you work out on social media? Is that all you ever do? That’s weird 

I know the struggle all to well, I stand with you all out there trying to be better in solidarity.  

I remember what a typical day looked like around my office when I lived in that world. Its a nightmare of chasing insulin spikes with more sugar.   

Its not weird to want to be healthier. To make better life decisions. You shouldn’t be ostracized because you choose grilled chicken over fried. Would you rather see my social media flooded with, political, social rants or better yet complain about my job my kids or my wife?   

Or is it just the fact you do not have the self sacrifice to choose water over sweet tea. Its easier for you to run through fast food then it is to prep your meals for the week. You can’t get up to go to the gym before work because you stay up playing video games. So your really just jealous of their hard work and sacrifice so you want try to bring them down?   

Misery loves company so it pay it no mind my friends and keep spreading the positive vibes.   


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