CrossFit : The difference is in the community 

-Samantha Maines 

What comes to mind when you read the word ‘Community’? Terms like ‘fun’, ‘togetherness’, ‘accountability’, ‘tight-knit’, ‘team’ or even ‘family’ are just a few I think of and only a small amount that can describe what Crossfit Strode Station is truly all about. At CFSS, it is exactly that – a team, a family. 

Just recently I was speaking with an old friend (from my softball days) because she wants to get back to it, so naturally, I recommended Crossfit. The coolest part about her response? She didn’t scoff like a lot of people do, she actually mentioned that she has enjoyed the videos I’ve posted because she can hear our ‘team’ in the background coaching and cheering each other on. I can’t speak for anybody but myself, but I enjoy watching others succeed, what better way to do that then at CFSS? One can walk in, look around and see that it’s not just a gym, but it is a community.

Have you all seen that commercial about “gymtimidation”? That is apparently a very real thing and its what drives people away from any gym. But, I feel as if the community aspect at CFSS is the driving factor to outweigh the “gymtimidation”. Everybody talks to everybody, we all try to make new members, drop-ins, –whatever they may be—to feel welcome and included. I’ve been that new person; I’ve witnessed it firsthand.

(While I’m getting mildly personal, when I first came to CFSS I was pretty unmotivated, I dropped Graduate School (I hated it), I was so bored with the old workout plan I had, and quite frankly, I didn’t have many friends. But, I walked into CFSS and instantly was greeted and talked to by many members. Those members I now call friends, all because of how the atmosphere felt like a community. That’s what I was searching for.)

Josh and Corey have done an awesome job with Crossfit Strode Station and have brought people out from not just one county, but also multiple counties. How awesome is it to have people who choose to drive to Winchester because they love the gym and its community-like feel? We have Christmas parties, random parties, host events, and we participate in many events together and quite frankly, rock out in all of them! I ran my first 5k because of CFSS and maybe because of some (good) peer pressuring (thanks, Alexis), but, we had a HUGE turnout from our gym alone and I believe that really showed the small town of Winchester what we’re all about. 

For what it’s worth, if you want a good workout, a healthier, better lifestyle, a lot of motivators, some new friends, great coaches, a new community to join and all around a good gym atmosphere, come check us out and work out with us on January 14th! We are having an open house that starts at 9 AM and I promise you won’t want to miss it! Bring your friends if you’re already a member!

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