Do you Train or Exercise? 

Let’s talk about training. CrossFit Strode Station is 100% a training facility. We train athletes of all shapes in sizes. If you walk through our doors you can see Powerlifting, CrossFit, Athlete Strength & Conditioning sessions going on all the same time.  

At CFSS we train with purpose and a larger goal in mind. Whether it is to get stronger, improve 5k or improve performance on the field. There is not one single thing you will do at our facility that we can not explain why we do it and what the desired outcome is.  

A knock against CrossFit was always the constantly varied programming or hopper model programming where you have people aimlessly doing WODS with no intent. That could not be farther from how things are done at CFSS.  We program with variance movements but with an absolute purpose.   

People exercise because they have to. Mindlessly spinning away on a bike, treadmill or elliptical without real purpose or exact extent. Exercise is a great first step to becoming active. Make the transition over to training with purpose or with a goal in mind.   

We have people training for 5ks 1/2marathons, marathons, strongman/woman event, powerlifting meet, CrossFit competitions, upcoming season, increased quality of life.  Mind purpose with your training you will be happy you did.    

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