Kids Programs 

As we grow as a business and the number of folks we train increases it is important for us to put out content about our training philosophies and what we do at CFSS.  

We work with a large number of middle school and high school athletes. As we get ready to celebrate our 2nd full year in business to date we have worked with the Clark County Legends 9U-12U teams, Montgomery County Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer and Boys Basketball. We are currently training the GRC Boys Baseball team and Girls Soccer team. At any given time we could also 16-20 private High School or College Athletes training with us.   

Our current programs include Kids Fit ages 8-12, Athlete development program 13-18 and our CrossFit classes for anyone 14 and up.  

Since we get a ton of questions about our kids programs I am going to lay it out.  

Our kids fit program currently has 16 kids and caps at 20. This program is built up on teaching proper movement patterns and incorporating play into fitness. This class meets on Tuesday and Thursdays from 5:15-6pm 

In our Athlete development programs. We currently have 3 options. On Monday Wednesday evenings we have a group of 12-14 year olds as well as an older group of high school aged athletes. These classes run from 5-6pm. We also have another group of high school aged athletes on Tuesday / Thursday from 6-7pm. Saturday are an optional 3rd session a week we open up to any of the athletes that train with us.   

We have a handful of openings in our Athlete development program. We are looking for committed, hard working kids that desire to increase their performance. We want the kids with right the attitude, who give effort. Talent only goes so far.   

If you are ready to take your training to the next level and get serious about your goals and athletic future contact us for a consultation.  

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