Meet Natasha and Andrew 

I started doing CrossFit in November of 2014 at CrossFit Distance in my home town. CrossFit has a special place in my heart because of my cousin Scott that passed away in 2013. Scott introduced CrossFit to our family and we have formed a special bond because of him. He was always encouraging everyone to “Find That Extra Gear” to keep moving forward and finishing their workout. CrossFit is more than just a gym you go to in order to become healthier or fit, it is a place that you can grow as a community and encourage one another. It is about building relationships, servanthood, leadership, and excellence. I love training CrossFit because it allows me to share my love fitness, inspire people and push them to limits they never thought possible. I am certified in CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Scaled, and CrossFit Gymnastics. I am hoping in the future to be certified in CrossFit Weight Lifting and CrossFit Kids.Personal Best:

Back Squat​235

Deadlift ​275

Clean and Jerk​145


 Andrew Ware, NPTI cert graduate, kettle bell, and speed training, certified. And coach at CrossFit Strode Station. Looking to build our CrossFit community through personal training clients or small group clients. With over 3 years experience in personal training and familiar with a variety of training modalities, focusing mainly on developing base strength and proper movement patterns. We look to build a better you through our programs. 
My PRs include;

Bench 280

Back squat 445

Front squat 345

Deadlift 495

Clean 295 

Snatch 205

Clean and jerk 275 


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