Interested in CFSS? 

What’s up intrawebs! 

Since we have so much going on around CFSS I thought it might be time for a recap of programs and services.    

We piloted a kettlebell Bootcamp the last two weeks. It was an overwhelming success. So we will now have those classes indefinitely.  

If you like the idea of the variety that CrossFit offers but do not want use barbells. This is the perfect class for you. This a great way to get your feet wet with our programs.  


9:30qm & 7pm

$69 per month unlimited classes 

$90 punchcard for 10 classes 

$10 per class.  
Youth Summer programs 

June 5th- July 28th 
Ages 5-7 

T/TH 9am-10am 

Ages 8-12 

M/W 9:30am-10:30am

Ages 13-18

M/W/F 10:30am-11:30am

CrossFit classes 

Monday- Friday 

6am 7am 8:30am 12 4pm 5pm 6pm 


$125- unlimited Classes 

These are group strength & conditioning classes. We run, sprint, jump, lift heavy and generally have a ton of fun working really hard! 

We are working on getting regular yoga classes but for now they will be sporadic and FREE!!! We will post classes to social media. So make sure you follow us! 

We want to expand our programs to meet the needs of everyone.   

You never know if what we do is for you until

You try it. Intimidated by CrossFit? Give our Bootcamp a try! Or come out for yoga.  

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