Lady Cards Soccer Wrap-up 

As we wrap up 6 months of working with the GRC girls soccer team. I would like to highlight our training. We have had a great time working these ladies and watching all of their progress.   
We began with the team on January 2nd. Our primary goal during January & February were to assess overall movement quality and developing proper movement patterns with the girls. We spent minimal time working on conditioning at this time. We spent a lot of time developing proper squat and deadlift mechanics.   

We did not touch a barbell for the first 12 weeks working with the girls. We used kettlebells to squat and deadlift. This initial time was developing proper motor patterns and loading up on volume with our main lifts and using our accessory work to target overall weakness.  
In our 6 months of training we went from not being able to do a proper body weight squat to box squatting 85lbs to a low box for reps maintaining perfect form.  
On our deadlift we started out using a 35lb kettlebell before transitioning to a trap bar. We eventually worked up to over 100lbs on the trap bar.  

Our accessory work was centered around developing weakness.  

Primary targets




Other areas of major improvement. In January we had players unable to jump on a 20″ box and no one jumping a box higher than 30″s. Just 2 weeks ago everyone got onto 24″ box with several of the girls getting up to 36″.   
As we wind down our training and the girls head into the season. The focus has shifted developing our aerobic capacity through conditioning. Nothing fancy here a lot sled work, prowler sprints, med balls and kettlebells.    

We are proud of the girls. Their effort, attitude and work ethic were such a joy to work with every week. There was a core group that took full advantage of the opportunity to get in train and the hard work they put in this off-season will pay dividends.   

Thanks for your time, effort and positive attitude.  

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  1. Congrats to this team . not MANY dedicate themselves to offseason training ..It will pay off ..Good Luck on your upcoming season …


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