A Parents Perspective 

Not sold on what we do at CFSS? Take it from a parent who’s children we have worked with.   

I wanted to thank Crossfit Strode Station for the wonderful experience my daughters experienced during their off-season training. Both Carlie & Caitlin became Crossfit junkies with constantly talking about Crossfit this, Crossfit that! Every night after training we would get in the car & they would talk about the work-out all the way home. THEN, they would go straight to their dad to repeat everything again! This would usually consist of them demonstrating something this time around with getting him to try it! It would often end with their dad & brother promptly failing a sad attempt at a handstand push-up contest! They were still pumped from all the adrenaline they had from their work-out even though that very work-out had kicked their butts! They now are reaping the benefits of all their hard work with the GRC high school soccer season getting ready to start next week. They have gained muscle strength, stamina & confidence through their great experience. They absolutely love the trainers, especially Corey & Josh. Thank you so much for being such great role models & trainers. We WILL be back!

-Michelle Fike 

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