What’s John have to say about CFSS

This week we hear from John Stuber.  He has been a founding member of our Kettlebell Club and has seen tremendous success since joining CFSS.   John is 54 years young and in the best shape of his life.   It is never too late you just have to start.

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Lets hear from John

What CrossFit /Kettle bell class means to me. Well April this year My wife and I joined CrossFit Strode Station not knowing what to expect. We both ran Spartan OCR’s and thought we were in good shape. Meeting Josh and Cory they asked what are our goals, invited us to try the free week which we attended and it blew our minds. Andrew and Natasha as our coaches asked what do we need to work on and after the weeks end we were hooked. I started weighing around 238 pounds and one time after our 7 o clock class was over, Andrew spent time explaining a nutrition plan which would help me lose weight and build muscle I took it to heart and it worked.

Each week The kettle bell class has stepped it up and we are doing more in upper body and endurance, And the 7 pm class became more like a family. We encourage each other and the results are showing.

Then Josh and Cory had a Nutrition Challenge for the month of September. We joined and in 28 days I lost 20.5 pounds and even had a Spartan race weekend during it. The Spartan super which was 9 miles it had 25 obstacles and I completed every obstacle by myself and had no penalties. Never in 4 years of racing have I ever done that. Then on Sunday the Spartan Sprint I ran the 5 miles and 20 obstacles and finished 11th out of 94 in my age group. I never did that before. One thing Cory said to me back in June “excuses or results” which has stuck in my mind. It has motivated me to step out of my comfort zone. I Did a Spartan 5 1/2 hour hurricane heat which was just like basic training a endurance test that 80 people started 30 finished. And on the 28th of October I signed up for the Spartan Ultra Beast which is a 26+ miles 50+ obstacles and it has to be done within 14 hours.

I would never even thought about doing theses until I joined CFSS. I never climbed a rope or done monkey bars or even the obstacle that gives pros trouble the twister, I completed them all last Saturday. “excuses or results”. I’m 54 years old and in much better shape then I ever been. My running times have improved and my recovery time afterwards has even improved. Do I have any regrets no and is CrossFit easy nope but if you apply yourself the results will happen. Thank you Josh, Cory, Andrew and Nastaha for caring and helping me become the athlete I wanted to be.

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