Why won’t you go outside and play?

Why won’t you go outside and play?Climb a tree, ride your bike! Just get off the iPad or out in front of the T.V. and go play!


​Even though, I am a P.E. teacher, CrossFit Trainer and workout 6 days a week, I find too often that I am saying this to my OWN kids. Technology has taken over our everyday lives, and I am just as guilty as the next person. However, being active and eating better is important to me and I want to instill this in my kids and students.

Physical activity, sports or just getting outside to play have more benefits than just being healthier and fit. Being active regularly builds character, boosts self-esteem, develops teamwork skills, teaches discipline, and also aids in education. All these attributes are important, not only in youth but as you are growing up. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children should shoot for being physical active for at least 60 minutes a day.

CrossFit isn’t just for adults and isn’t always as intense as you see in the CrossFit games. CrossFit is for everyone; young or old, experience or the non-experienced, the “in shape” or the “out of shape”, and healthy or injured. CrossFit is constantly varied, high intensity, and functional movements. It takes what you would experience in day to day life and put it into a workout. When kids, teens, or young adults come into a CrossFit class they aren’t picking up a barbell or squatting 500 pounds. They are learning functional movements that they already do but with proper form to help them live long and active lives. 

Your child doesn’t have to be an athlete to join or even come try out a CrossFit class. It is about being active, healthy, sociable, and gaining confidence. I had the chance to talk to one of the parents of a child that has been attending CrossFit classes for about two years now. She is 11 years old and currently not involved in any sports. This is what her parents had to say:


“As a parent, I can see that CrossFit has helped her to become more of an optimist, have more confidence, outgoing and bubbly. She used to get extremely frustrated if she couldn’t do something challenging correctly the first time. I see now that not succeeding at a challenge the first time no longer deters her, but she keeps working at it until she gets it right. I would definitely attribute that to her time spent with the coaches at CrossFit. She has learned that it might take work to get it right, but she accepts the challenge with a good attitude. I’ve noticed this in every aspect of her life, even with homework. Every week, she looks forward to coming to workout and hang out with new CrossFit friends.”

CrossFit Strode Station wants to help your child(ren) learn about nutrition, become more confident, build social and team building skills, and learn that being physically active can be fun so they can carry this into adulthood!  

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