Healthy isn’t a one size fits all! 

Every person “in shape” or “healthy” are different? Some might see a skinny girl and think she is healthy! You may see a person considered overweight as unhealthy? But what does being in shape and healthy really mean?! To me it means an array of things! I feel it is based on how each individual feels and defines healthy in their own lives! Being healthy has physical, mental and social aspects. 
According to the dictionary, healthy means in good health. Someone could be considered overweight but still be in good health. All their labs could be tip top but it is their weight that makes people consider them unhealthy. A person that is skinny or “fit” could possibly have health issues and lab work that their doctor may consider a concern. 

Healthy isn’t only an outside look. A person has to take care of the inside. They have to watch what they put into their bodies and what vitamins, drugs or supplements they use to get their “healthy” look. You have to be sure you are emotionally and mentally well too. A person considered unhealthy because of their size might have a medical condition that you don’t know about and they are already taking the medication needed for that. The person may just don’t know where to start to become healthier, and active. Some that is “fit” might binge eat and cause themselves to throw up because they don’t want to gain any weight. If you are someone that works out and eats a healthy diet but you are stressed all the time over this or that, it is affecting your health just as bad as if you where drinking 5 pops a day. 

When you start a fitness journey or a life style change think about what healthy will mean to you, not someone else! What is your healthy and don’t compare it to someone else’s “looks” on the outside. It is about what YOU are comfortable with. How YOU feel on the outside and the inside as well. 

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