Nutrition & Training 

We’ve all heard the term, “you can’t out train a bad diet” and that is 100% true. So how do we know what’s a “good diet”? This is a tough question because we are all different, and different things will give us many different results. So here are a few keys to look for when figuring out what works for you.
1. Am I hydrated? 

A lot of us fail to get enough water during the day. Soda, coffee, and Gatorade do not count as WATER. This is the most basic form of nutrition, and we neglect it. So make a mental note to DRINK WATER.

2. Am I getting enough calories to fuel and recover?

No matter your fitness goals your body still needs calories, plain and simple. To perform at your highest level you need to give your body the fuel it needs to be it’s best. But don’t think that eating will ruin the great workout you just had. Actually it is the opposite after training sessions your body is starved and it NEEDS that post workout meal. This plus sleep and hydration is how our bodies recover so we can duplicate that same great workout the next day. 

3. What are optimal foods for YOU? 

This is the toughest part for people to figure out. Because the only practical way to know is through trial and error. But hopefully this makes you aware so from now on you can pay attention. So optimal foods would be food that your body can digest easily and perform well with. For example; I myself perform better eating potatoes than I would if I ate oatmeal. That’s just me and my body. Could be different for you. That’s where trial and error comes in. So from now on pay attention to what your eating and how it affects your workouts. 

Thanks for reading. 


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