River’s End Rampage

Hot. Challenging. Rewarding. Yesterday was the second annual River’s End Rampage, and we can’t thank everyone enough for coming out. We had tons of competitors from gyms in multiple states, volunteers helping man everything, and lots of cheerleaders. This event couldn’t have happened with each and every one of you. Also, the biggest thank you to the Swartz family for volunteering their time and their beautiful farm for this event two years in a row.

Our first River’s End Rampage was exciting, and no one knew what to expect. The workouts weren’t announced until the day-of, and the teams were all decided on the day of the competition. The prizes were also a total surprise as well.

This year, we definitely did things differently, and it changed the game. Not only was some big prize money announced, the workouts and run distances were announced ahead of time. This gave everyone time to prepare and get their teams ready. It also bumped up the competitive factor of the day.

The WODs weren’t easy. We didn’t want to give $1,000 to a team without them having to work for it. The first stop, the teams had to do 100 deadlifts at a pretty intense weight. The teams of 4 divided up the workload. After doing that, they took off as a group for their first mile and a half run. At the next station, they had to complete 60 stone over shoulders, Males at 100lb and female at 60 pounds. Then a mile run along the river followed by a quarter mile hill with about 500ft of elevation change. At the top of the hill there was a sled pull relay where each member completed a 100 meter sled pull 25lbs for women and 45 for men. The last two miles followed along the ridge line and finished along the road with a 100 calorie assault bike sprint divided among the team. They then finished with a 400 meter sprint to the finish.

There were some teams that were so neck-and-neck, it was unbelievable. Our second and third place team had less than 40 seconds of time dividing their finish. There were also 4 other teams who finished within just a couple of minutes of each other.

After the race, there was a cookout, and door prizes were given out(in the form of Yeti’s) to some of those who didn’t place. Overall, it was great to see the CrossFit community come together and have fun, all while still cheering each other on.

Next year will be another one for the books. Keep your eyes peeled in a few months for the next announcement. And thanks again to EVERYONE who helped.

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