Keep it simple!

Concise and purposeful training can get lost in the rigamarole of attempting to make everything “sexy” or cooler than what the other guy is doing.

Keep it simple. Start with the basics.

Remember: aim small, miss small.

The human body and movement can be broken down into seven primal movements patterns:

Vertical Press

Vertical Pull

Horizontal Press

Horizontal Pull




Train these movement patterns and learn to execute each movement properly and efficiently before moving on to making it more difficult.

How do we achieve this?

By adding resistance.

Whether we use bands, chains, weight vest, etc; we find a way to challenge ourselves when it comes to maintaining the proper position and mechanics. One of the best movements for increasing pressing strength is the dip. Start with no resistance and build proficiency with the movement. Once we’re comfortable and have built strength through the movement pattern, we can begin to add resistance.

Looking for an easy pressing day finisher?

3 Sets –

Max Rep Dips

25 Banded Pull Aparts (Pronated Grip)

25 Banded Pull Aparts (Supinated Grip)

Shoot us a message to learn more!

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