6 Week Challenge

Our 6 Week Challenge is for those wanting to make a big change in their overall health and wellness. We will help lead you down the road to a better self, all you need to do is message us to get started. We want to know what your individual goals and aspirations are so we can help get you there.

The 6 Week Challenge will consist of classes every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 6:15 pm, and a scheduled weekly one-on-one Nutrition check in with our certified coaches. We are also always available by phone and messenger throughout the week if you need us. We don’t need people who were college athletes or avid runners, we will help you change your life, even if you’ve never lifted a dumbbell before.

Our gym is very open and welcoming, and becomes a second family. We have members in their teens, and members in their 70’s. Some are stay at home moms, some are former military. We have people of every background and fitness level. We’re also very kid-friendly, and several members bring their kids with them when they’re working out. We have a special area the kids can use if they need to work on homework, or just hang out while mom or dad is using the gym.

Most of the big decisions in your life start with a big leap of faith. Push yourself, and show yourself and those around you what you’re capable of. Message us now to get more information and to sign up for the Challenge.